That’s Filthy, Alright.

Take 6 short minutes out of your day to watch this video, with the sound off.

Men, are you aroused yet? Women, are you jealous?

Can you tell me what that song was about, even though you didn’t listen to it? If so, the video did its job and was appropriate for the song. Now take 1 more minute and read the lyrics to that song.

“Drunk in Love”….really? I would have never guessed. After all, Beyonce didn’t drink the whole video. Jay-Z only had a half-glass of wine. If you ask me, that doesn’t constitute either of them as being drunk. And in love…well that one is hard to portray…but I can guarantee you that rolling around in sand, at night, alone, is not my idea of “in love”.

 No one person or thing can bear the burden of blame for the ruin and corruption of our world. However, this song and this video are concrete examples of the absolute devastation that surrounds us today. Contrary to others perspective, I don’t say this because of the explicit content of the video. These two are married, with a child. Therefore the innuendos seen here are absolutely okay; for the bedroom. If I didn’t know better, I might think this video was leaked from Jay-Z’s personal collection for when Beyonce is out on tour and he is lonely…if you get my drift.

 Sex sells. I get it. Trust me. That’s not what bothers me about this video. What bothers me is the producers continue to portray women this way, and women don’t mind. Although I don’t agree with feministic extremism, I am all for honesty. And those behind the making of this video are just dishonest, plain and simple. And although I don’t believe women have to be exactly “equal” to men, I appreciate positive representation. This woman, who was voted the most beautiful woman in the world by People Magazine in 2012, is depicted as someone so overcome with sexual desires that she is not only touching herself, but dry-humping the air, the sand, even the man. He, on the other hand, is fully clothed, not even getting his clothes wet or taking his jewelry off, sipping his wine while she clings to his body. This portrayal, if you ask me, is a bunch of bologna.

 This video makes me sad to say that I once thought of Beyonce as a good role model for young girls, and frankly makes me feel sorry for her. She seems to have it all together. She is beautiful, has an awesome voice, is confident, beyond rich, has a beautiful family, and is envied by so many. Yet almost 20 years after coming into “the business” and accumulating a net-worth of $350 million, she still is forced to use her sexuality to overpower her musical ability and drown out her talent to make a dollar. How sad is that? I would think after all this time, and all she has done and proven; she, of ALL people, would be able to sell records no matter what. What does that say to our girls; our sweet baby girls? If she can’t do it, how are they to be expected to? And if they follow in her footsteps, what will that end up looking like for them? Beyonce thinks she is helping women stand up for themselves and gain a voice, but in fact she is doing the exact opposite. She is endorsing the very stereotypes our ancestors, both men and women, fought so hard to break.

And what about our baby boys? They are no less harmed by this nonsense. They get their hopes and expectations up that this is what “real” women are like, when that is so far from the truth. I have seen some stuff, but I have never seen a woman do what she is doing…not even one that is drunk and in love. I’ve seen drunks, I’ve seen people in love, and I have even seen drunks in love…but it is never so glamorous. I wonder how Jay-Z would feel if Beyonce had projectile puked all over his white shirt after shaking her head around so much and getting dizzy. That’s sexy, for sure. Again, this video does nothing but emphasize negative stigmas that our society has “fought” to crush for decades. Men deserve to know the truth too. They need to know what real women REALLY go through and how they act. It’s not fair to our men either. Their expectations are built up just to be torn down and never met by women that they meet. I bet the majority of men wouldn’t even know how to act if a woman DID do these things. It is such a far-fetched reality, but it is fantasy that breaks relationships apart every day.

 This video has been viewed over 110 million times on YouTube. This means 110 million people have either fantasized, envied, or been sickened by this sorry excuse for a music video and a sub-par song. Not one person has watched this and truly appreciated the people that are before them. Most fail to realize that although Beyonce and Jay-Z are “real” people, when you see them, they are “REALLY” actors.

At the beginning of the song she says, “I get filthy when that liquor get into me.” I would say this is obvious, but as previously mentioned; she isn’t even drinking. If there is one good lesson in this, it is this lyric. Getting absolutely hammered drunk does make a person do and say filthy things. These are things that can’t be taken back or excused in the sober morning light. So thank you for that little piece of positivity, B. Appreciate it. Everything in moderation my friends.





3 thoughts on “That’s Filthy, Alright.

  1. I understand where you’re coming from. I see a woman celebrating her femininity and female sexuality, which we all have inside of us, but for some, it’s a place that has been tabooed to embrace. To me, there is nothing more beautiful or sacred than to see a woman who does embrace her beauty, femininity and pleasure in all aspects of her life, that is her birthright.

    • This is true. But when you’re a role model, I feel like it’s better to air on the side of modesty just for the sake of young girls. Some things are better kept behind closed doors, and kept sacred. A little girl may see this and think it is real life, which obviously is not true. It was a video, a movie, not her everyday life. She is a beautiful woman.

      • I guess that was kind of my point, what’s the use of having the gifts of beauty, femininity and all that’s encompassed in these gifts if we have to hide them from the world? I think our young girls need to be taught that our beauty and femininity (all inclusive), is a gift and should be celebrated and not to hide it or that it’s wrong or something to be ashamed of. If our young girls are taught this and our young boys are taught to how to handle this aspect of who we are as females and how we are created then there’s no need to hide. I vote for freedom, authenticity and celebration.

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