Sweet Time


It seems that recently I have been in tune with the purpose of my life. I don’t know how much I believe in irony, but I know that my Lord has a sense of humor. And he has started to humor me on the daily. Today this realization came through the words of a song.

This song is me. Me being narcissistic. Me being egotistical. Me being controlling. Me being independent.

See, our society tells us that being independent is a good thing. Being able to do things on our own is admirable. But I am here to tell you that that is not the way we were intended to be. Shortly after Adam’s first breaths, he gained a companion. You see, we aren’t meant to go at this alone. Alone is a lonely place. There is a nice saying, and I am not sure by who that says “I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone.” How true. Loneliness is a choice.

However, with relationships of any kind comes chaos. And for a lot of people, that chaos is uncomfortable. We are always looking for that balance. We just want things to be “normal”. Angela Thomas says that we have an “illusion of balance”. You see, the happiness found in this balance and control doesn’t exist. 

As for the chaos that comes with these other people…that is something else that is hard to handle. However, as humans we do have a bit of a choice. We can choose to live our lives in solidarity and hope that chaos and stress will leave us be. Or we can love our neighbor, our friend, and our family and be guaranteed to be bombarded and overwhelmed at times. As for me, I would choose my loves every time. Every single time. I couldn’t imagine going a day alone. Without my mama or daddy, Aaron, Huck or Pearlie; as well as countless others. What kind of life would that be?! As Angela Thomas says, “When you are called to love lavishly and give generously, there isn’t going to be any external balance on this earth.” In other words, make a choice and live with it!

I encourage you to click the link and listen, but if you didn’t, the gist of the song I posted is that we tell the Lord to take his sweet time, but yet in the same breath are giving Him criterion that must be met in order for us to be happy. This just reminded me how sweet my Father’s timing is. Everything, and I mean Every Thing, happens for a reason, according to the plan, and on time. It may not be according to MY timing, which may mean that it comes as a shock to me. But I can assure you that it does not shock my God. He has a plan for me and my life. A plan in which I am the main character. My course is mapped out. If I am stubborn and constantly wanting my way instead of God’s way, of course my plans will be ruined!

I can’t put stipulations on my God. It doesn’t work. I can’t make someone stay in my life just like I can’t force them to leave. At all times I must learn to say “Thy will be done”. I don’t have to constantly be on the lookout for anyone or anything. I need only focus on one thing and that is the glorification of God. If I do that, he will take care of the rest. He is my daddy. And he WILL take care of me. There is no need for me to tell my Father what my perfect friend, relative, or significant other will “look” like. HE knows. He made them. For me. And all I have to do is wait. Wait on for His sweet time. I can rest in that thought.




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