What’s Missing?

I have been quiet for a while. For some reason I just feel that the Lord has quieted my soul. Why, I don’t know. But anytime I sit in the silence for any length of time, one thought often plagues my mind…

What does it mean to miss someone? What does it truly feel like to you? Some people come and go in our lives and some stay forever. Is that a choice they make? Is there such thing as fate?

I know what it’s like to miss someone who is dead. I know how to accept that. It hurts, but I can handle it. It’s the other type of missing that hurts the most.

Missing someone who is still here. Who lives just down the street. Who you’ve shared so many laughs and tears and times with but no longer are no longer welcome to call or catch up with.

The worst part about this missing is the wondering. Wondering what they are doing. If they are okay. If they miss you. Then I think to myself, “Obviously you don’t miss me or you would let me know.” The worst part about missing someone is caring about them, loving them, and that feeling not being reciprocal.

Be it friends or family who have drifted apart, it hurts the same. Our friends are our family. Our family are our friends. I think sometimes we get so busy with our own lives that we forget to reach out to those around us. Then one day we look around and we are alone.

Success is not everything. Money is not everything. Control is not everything. Love covers it all.

Then I wonder…how can family separate like that? I can not imagine or begin to fathom life without my family by my side. Do those who are estranged not miss their loved ones? Do they not ache for an update in the life of their loves? If not, how incredibly sad. How sad a life they lead. And if so, why don’t they do something about it? I truly don’t understand.

If you are reading this, swallow your pride. Pick up the phone.

You can’t choose your family. You have to love them unconditionally or not at all. And if it’s not at all, I can only imagine the hurt in your heart that must cause that.

Tomorrow is not promised. Make today count.


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