The Way I See It

Living in rural North Carolina, I appreciate the immigrants and migrant workers. I truly do. They come to do a job everyone else around here is too lazy to do, and they do it willingly. However, I don’t think they will benefit much from this immigration reform and neither will our country. Because they come here illegally and pay no taxes, farmers can pay them lower wages. On top of low wages, they are paid by the bucket. This is a win-win for the farmer. It lowers his over-head expenses for his operation costs and also guarantees maximum efficiency because they are not paid hourly. Those who do the work do not complain. Their culture is still one of hard-working individuals, quite opposite from ours now days. Their entire concept of work in this country is different from our own. They work here for a gain in their home country. They sacrifice comfort and wealth here for material goods and richness back home. That makes sense, but it doesn’t help America. Many of these families are split up, living thousands of miles apart for years at a time, sending money home every week, until the breadwinner is able to build up enough of a financial cushion to return home and reap the benefit of the hard-work he has sown.

Those who are fortunate enough to come into this country as a family generally want to stay. That’s fine, but we need to work on helping them develop acculturation skills before we begin giving them rights and privileges they don’t understand. We have to work on developing cultural sensitivity on our end and helping them enmesh with the culture on their end. We need to find a way to determine who intends to stay and who wants to go back. That way we can help them reach their goals and be functioning members of society. Immigration reform will hurt those who don’t intend to stay. The main reason they come is because it is work that is tax-free and leads to the ultimate profit of their family back home. If they start paying taxes, they may quit coming. Then who will do their job? Those who are jobless in America and “looking for work”? That would be nice, but that would NEVER get passed as law.

Now, I know this immigration reform the President speaks of is way more far-reaching than eastern NC. I know there are some who come here seeking asylum for all kinds of justified reasons, and do I think we should help those people…yes. Even though the same would not be granted if it were me fleeing to them. That’s okay. I understand. We’re America. We help everyone.

What I don’t agree with, support, or appreciate is our President showing total disregard for our laws, our Constitution, and our rights. He is just one person with one opinion. What gives him the right to over-reach protocols and standards set into place way before his time…with what justification does he does this? Because he thinks it’s a good idea? Because he made, yet another, promise he can’t keep? That’s not the way our country works. That’s not the views it was founded on.

Just because we are America, we don’t have to cater to every individuals needs. Our founding fathers didn’t always get their way. In every case there will be some people who “win” more than others. There is no way to make 100% of people happy. We should do what is best for the MAJORITY of the people. The majority doesn’t look the same as it used to. The minority has now become the majority in many cities, mine included. That’s okay. However, it is not okay for a certain population to benefit from procreation, with the intent to become the majority. I don’t think we should put limits on how many children a person can have. That is a personal choice. But why should one benefit from having more children? Whether Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, or Asian…..this kind of thing just perpetuates the cycle of government dependence, complacency, and increased advantage for decreased earning.

This is all just food for thought. The opinion of one person. But unlike the President, this one opinion doesn’t really matter or count for anything. If only.


2 thoughts on “The Way I See It

  1. atimetoshare says:

    I’m with you. There is nothing wrong with opening our doors to those who want to make a living here, but they should do it in a legal orderly way. Somehow we are forgetting that those who are illegal immigrants have broken the law.

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